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Visiting PR

¡Hola! Soy un lolita del MN comm en los Estados Unidos. Me preguntaba que este communidad es activa. Sería buena para conocer a las lolitas e ir a sitios con ellos cuando estoy en la ciudad. Estaré en PR el 16-21  :)

PS mi espanol es bastante malo. lo siento!

Japanese sowing pattern

I recently got 2 lolita sowing pattern books, but I'm not sure about the seam allowance.... Do you add it, or does it come with the pattern? Thanks. c:

A little out of topic...

SO, do any of you know if cute re ments are sold in Puerto Rico? 

Me and my addiction for cute things...


I've been yearning to go to meetups of late, guys! But the community seems dead! Come back guys! I wanna meet more people!

Halloween Meet-up

  I just called the lady in charge and she told me two things:
    1. We have a confirmed date of Sunday, October 30th from 11am to 2/3 pm
    2. Wednesay the 26th is the last day I can confirm the amount of guests, since the employees have to cut/print the papers for us in time. If you have not confirmed me by then, I cannot include you :(
    3. I have to pay everyone's fee next Wednesay the 26th. It is $26.75 with tax. You can either send me the payment through paypal (mine is oottoo@coqui.net), give it to me in person (we can arrange a meeting date), pay at the store in cash in Galeria San Patricio, Guaynabo, or you can call them and pay with a credit card (Their number is 787-792-0001 ). I've just been told this and went crazy, since I thought each person would bring the money the day of the meet. Please cooperate everyone :O

Hello ladies (and gentlemen haha)
I am pleased to announce a Halloween-themed scrap-book meet-up! :D

When: Sunday, October 30th; time I am to update you with. This is the most likely date. The owner of the shop is going to confirm me the date soon. From 11am-2/3 pm

Where: Galeria San Patricio, Guaynabo.

What we'll do: We'll make a small scrap-book book (sorry for wordyness) and eat sweets.

Cost/What to Bring: This is the first time I have to charge for a meet-up, since we have to pay for the class. It costs $25 $26.75 with tax per person. This includes all the materials we'll be using. We need a minimum of 5 people and it's a maximum of 7, according to the owner of the shop. You should bring a pair of scissors. You can either bring printed photos (minimum 8) or leave the scrap-book pages in blank to maybe add photos later (like I'll do, since I want to add photos from this meet-up <3). Everyone should contribute with some food. I'm personally going to bring Halloween-themed baked goodies and sweet.

Extra details: This is a themed meet-up, so spice up you outfit with some halloween fun! Princesses, pirates, animals, fairy-tales, the options are limitless!

Attending list:
1. Me (Maria F. ) (bloodrosebed)
2. Charmaine (blueroselorett)
3. Nishmar (n3v3r_4g41n)
4. Sofia (Aliciel)
Any questions, please ask!


Just a random update!

I posted here a long, long time ago! Recently, I went to Otakon in Baltimore, MD with my best friend. We went to the BtSSB fashion show and there was a Q&A with the designers of BtSSB and Alice and the Pirates, Masumi Kano and Mitsuba!

So it's in good taste to dress in BtSSB for the event. This is how my bestie and I went to the event.

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See ya~

Hello Hello ~

Just found this comunity~ Newcomer says Hello.

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Please forgive my English, my Spanish is terrible.

Hello :D

Como estan todas? Hace tiempo ;.;

Pues miren, estoy organizando un meet-up para octubre con tema de Halloween.

Iríamos a un lugar de scrapbooking, donde nos van a ense-ar como hacer un librito peque-o con tema de halloween. Costaría de $20-$30 (me van a calcular el precio exacto pronto), lo cual incluiría todos los materiales.

Tiene que ser domingo, y el sitio esta localizado en Galería San Patricio, Guaynabo.

Ahora, necesito que me digan que domingos prefieren o en cuales ya estén comprometidas para poder reservar la fecha con la tienda.

Muchas gracias, y por favor respondan :)
Greetings All:

I will like to ask ¿if any of you knows a reliable shopping service for Black Peace Now Japan?  I see that the Japan store has a more wide variety of size in the male clothing.

Sadly the San Francisco, CA store will be closing in late August.

Thank you in advance for any help you can bring me in finding a good shopping service.

Thank You Kindly.

It's been far to long...

 I miss going out whit you guys! D;
we are we going to see us againg?